Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bento Box Tools

Ever wanted to make those cute Bento Boxes for your kids lunch, I know my sis has as does every other mom out there. Cute food makes for happy children and maybe spur them on to finish their food.
 Firstly, you need to find a really cute lunch box. I love this Japanese 3 layer box where the top layer turns over into a bowl.

Cutters in both big to tiny sizes to cut sandwiches, fruits and vegetables into shapes.

Presses to stamp patterns on your food.

Food moulds to press your rice/mochi into shape, some of these moulds are microwaveable to boil eggs into shape.

Silicon containers to hold different types of food in 1 lunch box.

Or just use these cute plastic food separators.
Disposable miniature containers to hold soya sauce or any other sauce your meal calls for.
Patterned plastic toothpicks to hold sandwiches together or cherry tomatoes on top of food.
 Colorful food wrappers to wrap cake pops, lollipops or even rice balls.

My favorite bento box tool, seaweed face punches. The negatives can be used as well. 

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