Sunday, March 3, 2013

Interior Paints

Scrubbing your walls can only do so much, after a few years it is time for a fresh coat of paint to completely rejuvenate your home. Most people don't like to do so as it's troublesome to move everything away and prep the space, so they regard it as a once in a new home kind of thing. The truth is, you can paint your walls anytime you want to remodel/refresh your personal space.

There are 3 major interior paint brands in Singapore: Nippon, Dulux and Jotun. Just like nail polish, there are base coats, top coats and special effects to achieve different looks. In addition, there are different types of paint for different surfaces like wood, metal, concrete.

If you do not want to lug home kilos of paint, then just order it online to be delivered to your place:

Hardware City - limited selection of paints including some uncommon brands
E-Store - Paint tools, services, fairly large selection of different types/brands of paint
Paint House - Sells Dulux and Nippon paints, offers services and customized colouring

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