Friday, March 15, 2013

Other uses for Photoframes

Using photoframes for something other than putting in photos. This is a quick and fun idea, make a shopping list for the kitchen or a to do list for your office.

Cut a piece of craft paper to fit inside the frame.

Paste or write out the header "Shopping List" or "To Do".

Insert the piece of paper into the photoframe and you can write on the glass surface with a marker pen (non-permanent of course). Something pretty and reusable you can hang on the wall or stand on a side table. Beats writing on scraps of paper around the house.

Insert recipe cards into photoframes, it can left as is in the kitchen and replaced with a photo later on. I made some recipe cards using my scrapbooking software and printed it out.

Old-school way of personalizing a photoframe gift is to develop some of your best photos and slot it in. These photos are from my trip to Europe and I will be gifting them to the people I went with.

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