Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Korres Japanese Rose Review

Korres is an au natural brand utilizing the bountiful fruits and flowers indigenous to Greece. Korres Japanese Rose is popular with females as it is all about the tight sweet scent of rosebuds, I only had to open the bag to smell what everyone is talking about. The scent is not complex like perfume but straightforward, as though the evening winds blew past a field of roses and brought it to your door.

 Korres shower gels are a little more runny than usual so be careful when pouring it out. Korres body butters are reinforced with shea butter, so it is thick and creamy that is intensely hydrating. You have to massage it into the skin for it to be completely absorbed, once its in, your skin is plump and shiny with no residue.

Layering products from the same line help build a lasting scent. Buy from Korres Asia website, Zalora.com and Korres stores at Millenia Walk and Raffles City SC.

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