Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The last word in tweezers, I am now a big big fan of La-Tweez. I have been plucking my eyebrows since I was 14 and have tried soo many different brands all these years, La-Tweez is the culmination of all the features I want and need in a tweezer. The proof is in the pudding as you will be hard pressed to find a set to buy, it is sold out online.

I have the pro-illuminating tweezers in black. First off, the design is amazing with lattice cutouts on the sides and a Swarovski crystal on the light switch so you press the crystal to turn on the bright LED lights, check out the illumination in bright daylight. It comes in a sleek carrying case that has a 2x magnifying mirror inside to check your brows as you are tweezing. 

It looks solidly made so I thought it would be heavy, but I was soo wrong. It's incredibly light weight yet strong. More importantly, the perfectly angled edges allows you to tweeze even the finest hairs with ease, no tugging or lost of grip.

La-Tweez makes a range of professional tweezers with different edges, professional makeup tools and brushes so its illuminating range of tweezers is the only product sold to consumers. Available in 4 designs, the 4th design is white with red crystal. Retails for USD$38.

*updated 12 March 2013: Buy locally from Krisshop S$29 and Mummy&Me S$31.90.

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