Monday, December 19, 2011

Morton's Offer

Every now and then there is a steak & seafood offer and Morton's will be packed. Reservations are highly recommended.

Their onion bread is always delicious, I remember the first time I ate it I was surprised by the intense flavour. The prelude to a very good meal.

They usually do an intro to their produce. But, since I am here for the promotion, I just order directly from a little card the waitress hands me. You can upgrade to other appetizers or bigger steak for $5-$30 extra. First time I am trying the Morton's salad that is massive! Is that an entire head of lettuce in there?

I ordered a big ole steak and shrimp alexander (never tried that before) with mashed potatoes that the waiter plies with bacon, sour cream, buuttteeer.... Perfectly cooked, quality ingredients, just simply delicious. 

After I finished my meal, the waitress brought out a dessert tray with the most tempting sweets. I was full but had to order a slice of that key lime pie. The scent of fresh lime just hits you, it's like they doused it with perfume before serving and the serving might look small in the picture, it's more like 1/6 the pie or 2 normal servings worth. Definitely to share.

Lovely folks even gave me VIP privilages - free brandy. Ta-powed everything remaining home.

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