Thursday, December 22, 2011

Minx Nails

Got Minx nails today at Vedure Nail Spa, MBS ($80, does not include manicure). I have tried nail foils and nail stickers before, so have been looking forward to this session to compare. Looking through the catalogue, there is a range of gold/silver foil patterns that are not carried by any other brands. Which is what I got this time around - "La La Land".

Before you trot on down to get your holiday nails, be forewarned of the receptionist! She has never gotten my billings right and sometimes moves my appointments around. Situation climaxed today when she wasn't around and my manicurist fished out my spa file only to find some fiddling had been done to it. The team spent 10 mins recalculating my receipts to items then filling up a new card correctly. Nightmare right, but then again, that's why she is still only a receptionist.

For regular solid colours, nail polish stickers work great, like regular nail polish only faster. But, for nail foils or stickers with patterns, only buy the best. I bought some cheap ones from Gmarket and Ebay before that didn't last a day. It fell out after I washed my hair. Sally Hansen and Sephora sell a better version that lasts about a week of regular use ($17.50). Saw someone hawking original Minx stickers online, maybe can try?

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