Friday, December 23, 2011

HY California

Hide Yamamoto's casual dining arm. Not a typical Japanese restaurant, the menu is rife with European influences like iberico ham and truffle.

I ordered 1 fusion and 1 traditional dish to get a feel of what was being offered. The chef's recommendation of the day - white asparagus wrapped in korabuta bacon in prawn bisque and parmesan ($28.80). Was unbelievably good, I especially liked the concentrated prawn bisque that was interspersed with bits of melted cheese.

The other dish is a sushi platter or "chef's 8" ($49). It was ok, the seafood was fresher at Hide Yamamoto the namesake restaurant. Having said that, it's really the fusion items that you will come here for. Innovative and fun, the flavours meld together in harmony.

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