Sunday, December 4, 2011


I used to buy gourmet infusions from organic stores but stopped after I tried a few different brands and realized the flavours were mild in comparison to what I could make myself for the same price. So with the help of some Ikea containers, I made my own food gifts of gourmand infused sugars and oils.

I blended 3 packs of sugar with vanilla beans and various flowers from the baking store (lavendar, roses, chinese osmanthus and snowball flowers) in the food processor until finely grained. Then poured the mixture into jars filled with cinnamon sticks. Perfect for that afternoon cup of tea and baking desserts. 

For the flavoured oils, I heated up spices (chillis, peppercorns, bay leaves, cardamon, star anise) before pouring in pure cold-pressed macadamia oil which is supposed to be the new olive oil with the same beneficial qualities but with a nutty flavour. Supposed to let it stand for 2 weeks before gifting.

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