Tuesday, August 6, 2013

OROGOLD Cosmetics

This USA based brand OROGOLD is another one of those gold infused cosmetics, skincare, bodycare lines. I've tried a few different ones before and no way do these come cheap. It's a prestige product that uses real gold and priced up there with La Prairie, Dior and all the other luxury brands.

The staff uses free samples and hard sell to push their products so if you don't have an afternoon to spare than just tell them you have an appointment to run to, if not then sit and do some girl talk. They will tell you their products are good (they are selling it so they have to), its up to you if you want to buy it. To be honest, the salesgirl didn't key in my Amex 10% discounts and rounded up my total bill, maybe because I was getting some fantastic discounts already. This place doesn't have fixed prices so its hard to correct them.

I purchased the 24k eye serum, 24k eye cream, 24k deep peeling gel and body cream, the sales girl threw in lots of samples for me to try as she wants me to come back and buy more. Frankly, I like the deep peeling gel that provides visible whitening and is surprisingly gentle on the skin, it even comes off in gold flakes. Unless I strike the lottery, I wouldn't necessarily add a $200 bottle to my regular weekly exfoliation regime.

Their best-selling product is the 24K eye serum and cream ($546) that are used together and have plenty of celebrity endorsement. To tell you the truth, it is the same as other eye serums/creams in the price range just below it, you pay more for OROGOLD because of the real gold in it. If you are not using anything than you will find that it works and if you are using something that costs the same than you will find there is no difference.

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