Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bread Stuff

Bread Makers for families who are big bread eaters, I imagine this would be Caucasians who have toasts for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and maybe bread bowls as part of their dinner everyday.

Bread slice toasters are common appliances and there are novelty versions with cartoon burnt-outs on the center like Hello Kitty. We use a regular toaster at home that can also toast bread slices so it's multi-use. I guess this is easy to use as the bread pops up when done.

Sandwich makers that grill and seal the edges of your sandwich. My mom used this all the time as there is no spillage when packing school lunches and you cook the contents at the same time.

Bread Box, such a rustic invention. We usually wrap it in plastic or paper and leave it on the breakfast area. It's the same right, or no?

 Bread Slicer. I've seen soap slicers like this before. To get that machine cut, neat & even look.

Bread Knife, a long blade with serrated edges to get through that crispy crust.

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