Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coffee Makers

These new capsule machines are positively the best way to enjoy coffee. The crux of the matter is that the longer the coffee grains have been exposed to air, the more sour and acidic it becomes. Simply put, the longer the coffee has been left on the counter or in contact with the coffee grains, the worse it tastes. Here, coffee grains are processed at the plant and packed into individual capsules that are only punctured on use. By controlling the temperature and flow of hot water, you get the perfect cuppa with just a push of the button. It's quality and convenience all in one, so my whole family uses these Nespresso Citiz at home. That barrel at the back is a milk frother that also works with a push of a button.

Most city folks remember this high-end espresso machine contraption that coffee houses also use. The top of the line machines will grind the coffee beans before preparing each cup of coffee and this was really the way to get that great brew. Alas, it was pricey, big and bulky that took up lots of counter space.

Most folks will probably have one of these more conventional coffee makers, by the pot or cup. You have to put in water, coffee grains and change the filter with each use.

A more traditional way of getting that great brew is coffee percolators that are filled with water and coffee grains then placed on the stove to make those delicious siphon-brewed coffees. You might remember those fancy glass percolators Japanese coffee houses are famous for, this is the same thing. I love siphon-brewed coffee!

Vietnamese slow drip coffee is one of its greatest charms, you can buy it at the local markets or buy the disposable version at Marks & Spencers called Coffee Cup Filters.

Grinder for coffee beans to turn it into powder. You can buy coffee beans from source if you are very particular about the quality of your brew. Most coffee sold in stores are already ground up, ready for use.

Milk Frother to make those gorgeous cappuccinos and lattes. I have a few at home because sometimes it goes missing, we all love foamy milk in our morning drink. It can also whip up other items like eggs.

A local cup of coffee is nothing without Condensed Milk or Evaporated Milk, whatever your tastes are these 2 milk products are the greatest culinary inventions. I can't do without my Kopi-C, it's almost a comfort food for me.

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  1. I don't really use a coffee machine, but they look so convienient! (I buy my everyday tea at starbucks lol... so expensive. .-. ) Nowdays theres even machines take take barcodes and make coffee from that!

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