Sunday, August 25, 2013

Buying Yarn Online

I know there are a few knitting specialty shops in Singapore. However, I don't drive so it is inconvenient to visit all of them. The good news is that there are resources online that allows me access to all the limited edition and even rarer yarns that I want for my craft projects. These are some of the sites that offer free or reasonable International Shipping. I spent days trawling the internet for these so please enjoy!

Free international shipping on all orders, no minimum. However, if you place several small orders consecutively instead of 1 big order, you will be charged shipping on subsequent deliveries.

Woolie brand sale, 10% discount on kits and yarns.

Clearance corner of odd yarn skeins and books.

Website carries Handmaiden & Woolie brand yarns as well as a selection of fleece artists yarns.

International Shipping at USD$12 flat rate. Free Shipping for purchases above USD$175, use code OVER175INT

Exclusive Retailer of Buffalo Gold Yarn, 50gm/300 yards/USD$250. Made from Bison down and vintage Japanese real gold threads. Production limited to 40 skeins.

Website offers weaving, spinning, patterns, accessories and selected yarns from mostly yarn artists.

Free international shipping for some countries and special discounted rates for others. I ordered a dozen skeins of yarn and shipping to Singapore came to USD$10.

Website carries everything you need to knit, crochet and weave, including samples of completed projects for sale. Large selection of yarn brands and kits.

Standard International Shipping Packet costs USD$24, there are more expensive express shipping options and a cheaper 4 month shipping option.

5% discount if you signup for their newsletter.

10% to 30% bulk buying discount.

Deals of the Day offers small discounts on certain yarn skeins. 

Black Sheep Wools (UK)

International Delivery is £10.

Website has a clearance bin that offers good discounts, I know coz I bought some.

Stash Fine Yarns (UK)

International delivery to Singapore costs about £10 for 10 yarn balls, varies with order.

Website has a Clearance Sale that offers some discounts.

I am still serious about purchasing industrial yarn cones as I hate tying all those yarn skeins together. Especially on higher end stuff like Plymouth's Angora yarn that are sold in 10gm skeins! What can you knit with 10gms? (baby booties)

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