Monday, August 26, 2013

Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

My mom's been here a couple of times before and told us the food is good, so we booked Sunday Brunch for the whole family here, that turned out to be a good idea as the restaurant filled up the moment it opened.

Sunday Brunch has all the same items from its dinner menu, including free flow of Sapporo beer. It's actually limited to 1 bottle per customer, I guess you won't finish the bottle like me and there was plenty more to go around as some adults don't want to drink beer in the morning.

Lots of variety and my absolute favorite was the Chawanmushi.

Lots of Snow Crab too, beer and sweet fleshy crab is all you need sometimes.

Large dessert selection, including Haagan Daaz ice-cream and freshly made mochi, the really traditional kind found at Takashimaya basement. Food induced coma thereafter, had to go home and sleep it off.

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