Sunday, August 18, 2013

Faux Fur Yarns

I always thought fur (faux fur included) was a little dated. However, its still stocked in stores and people still buy it. It looks great as a trim on throws and here are some updated looks knitters are churning out. Faux fur is usually polyester or something like that, making it machine washable.

That pure fur yarn beanie is looking good. To wear it, a mini shrug doesn't commit too much and vests make cute layered pieces. Of course, you can fall back on making the usual shawl or throw with it.

Fur yarn can also be turned into accents on knitted accessories for that extra pizazz. Loving that cute giant pom pom. Also used to trim gloves and shawls, to little pops of fur in between a knitted scarf for a fashionable look.

You can find these couture finds on Etsy fairly often, mixing knits and crochet with fur.

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