Friday, August 2, 2013

Black Ruffle Scarf

Starting the mesh yarn series with a classic black ruffle scarf. The instructions are on the back of the label. I made it a little wider as I think ruffle yarn scarves are too thin and would look better with more width.

The instructions say to skip 1 set of mesh in between pegs to create more flounce. It's a single knit across and back again throughout, creating a flat back and tight ruffles in front that look really neat like my Valentino ruffle bag. Just a little sparkle showing through.

The pattern says 2 skeins but I really needed 4 to make one wider scarf that actually looks pretty good and you wouldn't believe costs $32. 

I made 1 more black ruffle scarf and joined the 2 ends to make a circle scarf. The end result looks really couture-ish, the yarns are well made with intricate detailing so when you put it all together it looks expensive.

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