Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Types of Gold Chain

A chain is a chain and usually we're not really fussy as long as it is the right length as it just holds the pendant. I thought it would be fun to have a look at all the types of gold chains available in the market.

Wheat Chain : most common link and usually thin enough to not be noticed. It is the most durable and seldom kinks.
Twist Chain : a twist on the usual wheat chain.
Box / Venetian Chain : recognize this from Tiffany & Co where it is sold to be worn by itself
Bead Chain : I like this as it helps create a complete necklace look. When the beads are spaced apart it turns into a station necklace.
Cable / Anchor / Rolo Link Chain : creates a nice airy feel
Figaro Link Chain : A showy design that usually comes thicker and heavier gold 
Curb/Cuban Link Chain : Popular with guys in stainless steel, silver or gold.
Mariner / Gucci Link Chain : looks similar to fashion equestrian links as well
Rope Chain : Strong enough to hold heavier pendants.
Herringbone Chain : kinks easily so be careful when handling.
Omega Chain : Looks sleek, is strong but not very flexible.
Snake Chain : Looks sleek, strong and more flexible than omega chains.
Byzantine Chain : creates a thick impressive looking necklace. It takes a whole day to make one of these by hand,  if not longer.

Mesh chain : when gold threads are woven together into a tapestry. It is quite soft and you can't hang pendants from it. It is usually crafted by the artisan into rosettes or other unique designs.

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