Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Affiliates

My blog has some new advertisers and with good reason as Zalora is offering affiliate bloggers 50% sales commission this month (or more accurately from 3 April to 3 May 2013). It's still having a sale so if there is anything you want to get from there, now is a good time for both of us. Use code APRIL10 for 10% on regular items and NS45 for extra 10% on guys stuff. Zalora is a Singapore based multi label fashion and beauty shopping site for men, women and children. I have made multiple purchases from Zalora before and have no problem giving a shout out here! Click on the banner above!

I use Zuji Singapore when planning my trips and applied to be an affiliate, Zuji Singapore OKed it and so here they are. Zuji offers price comparison between a wide variety of airlines, hotels and cars (if you need land transport). I know there are a few travel sites out there but none locally based and with such competitive pricing. You will enjoy using this site as much as I have.

123print is a USA based and USA only online printing house. It got added as I really like that it is the only provider of 3M Post-it notes customization in full colour. Haven't tried this printer before but there are lots of positive online reviews. I am a fan of 3M, having used it throughout my schooling years and the new and improved Post-its are extra sticky to be adhered to any surface.

Please click on the affiliate links on the right hand bar to access the sites. The commission I get is something like 2.5% of transaction amount if you are a first time customer (at least that is the case for Strawberrynet). You know I made £0.38 GBP from my first year as a Strawberrynet affiliate. The best part is the advertisers don't payout until you hit £650 GBP.

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