Sunday, April 28, 2013

Etsy Knits

I took a look at Etsy to see what all the talented people came up with.

Knitted Chair and Leg Rest covers! I have never seen this one before and predict it to be a bestseller.

Knitted Chain Scarf, a re-interpretation of the circle scarf, fun & quirky.

Adorable knitted toys. My sis got me a soft toy knitting kit but I haven't started on it yet. Too much to learn for a newbie.

An ingenious interlaced knit scarf, you can't pull it apart.

Pintuck knit sweater. I can't believe they have such fancy stuff online.

If you are impressed by the pintucking knit, these 2 cushion covers will knock you off your socks. A tree of life knit and a wheat chain pattern, lovely.

A giant stuff toy or door stop in the shape of an owl. It actually looks elegant and not kiddy.

A gorgeous pot warmer in the prettiest knit and colour.

1 more ingenious mix yarn cushion.

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