Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fruit & Vege Peelers

We are all familiar with the peeler, an essential food prep tool in our kitchens. For those of us that hate peeling we get a wheel peeler like the one below. Tools that can be used on various types of fruits and vegetables.

Then came the apple corer and I do have one of these. It gets used everyday so its not just for people who sell apple pies.

Now there are pineapple corers that I think is similar to what manufacturers of tinned pineapples use as the circles are perfect. Good for people who have a signature pineapple upside down cake recipe.

 Corn stripper because it really is a real pain to strip corn with your teeth. This way you can go through cobs with no mess.

Cherry/Olive pitter that I think can be used on grapes as well. Handy tool, I probably need to get one set for myself now.

 Something relatively new is this mango pitter, works like an apple corer.

And a strawberry pit hauler that leaves behind a nice big hole to fill with cream, yum!

*updated 1 Aug 2013* Buy from Crate & Barrel @ Ion Orchard

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