Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prada Luggage

 When you think of luxury luggage, its Louis Vuitton first then Prada. A relative new comer to the luxury market and known for its contemporary designs and construction.

Prada offers all sizes of luggage, hard and soft, in a wide assortment of materials from leather to linen, in the colours of the rainbow.

Of course, it's most popular series is nylon that has its own special lettering service so you can monogram your luggage in Prada's special way.

Every now and then there are surprises from Prada, like this 2006 pink croco toddler's suitcase.

Unforgettable silver screen moment in Nicole Kidman's character Sarah from the 2008 movie "Australia", with complete clothes, accessories and bags from Prada.

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