Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Giant Pasta

It started with the discovery of Cannelloni pasta shells that I thought were really huge penne pasta. Not to be confused with Cannoli an Italian dessert stuffed with fresh cream or Cannellini Beans. Once prepared, cannelloni pasta looks very much like tex mex enchiladas! 

I am intrigued and even more so that Barilla a common pasta brand actually carries a line of jumbo pasta shells, each weighing 10gm.

Stuffed pasta shells have never been easier to make. Think open face ravioli or an alternative to crackers, cake and bread as an horderve base.

If you want to get more fancy, La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano makes these artisanal pasta shells it calls Caccavella, each weighs 50gm and is the size of a small bowl.

It also makes several other giant pasta shapes like hearts, stars and flowers/sun. Each pasta shell is meant for 1 serving and weighs 50gm.

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