Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Single Use Appliances

We have all purchased or received a Single Use Appliance in our lives and it is perfect for children, if you are baking outside the kitchen or when you make lots of one kind of food as it takes just minutes, food items come out perfectly each time and it is easy to operate & clean. 

Sunbeam and Babycakes make the prettiest single use appliances, do check them out and Nostalgia makes these appliances festive enough to decorate your home cinema with. The most common types of food that are made using these appliances are waffles, cupcakes, doughnuts, cake pops/balls/doughnut holes, pies and sandwiches.

I have listed some of the more unique single use appliances here, this is where the real fun starts! Starting with this Pretzel Maker that makes 3 sizes of pretzels. 

Fortune Cookie Maker anyone? Shaped like a fortune cookie itself, is this for people who own Chinese restaurants.

This looks like a bone shaped cookie maker but it is actually a Dog Treat Maker. The perfect present for a dog owner, Boo's owner should have received one of these by now.

 THIS is a cookie maker. Each batch makes 6 regular two inch cookies.

Quesadilla Maker that has received rave review online. It has a pretty Aztec pattern on the sides and a chili shaped handle, one to leave on the counter all year round.

Churros and Empanada Maker. With changeable plates so you can make at least 2 different types of food with it.

An apple shaped caramel apple maker. It's actually a fondue pot that melts and keeps warm caramel so you can dip apples in. Great for parties.

Smores Maker to toast your marshmallows indoors in style.

Waffle Cone Maker that doubles as a crepe maker.

And my dad's all time favorite  the Peanut Butter Maker. For the gentleman that likes his peanut butter, now he can have it freshly ground!

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