Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 CNY Floral Arrangements

Spent today making floral arrangements for Chinese New Year. Just using up extra pieces from existing arrangements to try and come up with something new, I find such arrangements more interesting as its not flowers you usually put together.

I started with red cherry blossoms, pussywillow and orange blossom branches to create a wispy arrangement for the sideboard. The red really packs a punch, visually. Then I put all the pink flowers together - pink peach blossoms, lotus and peonies. I added more branches later on that is not captured in this picture.

 A tropical arrangement because we live in the tropics. I love the way it makes your home feel like a resort.

Filled a white vase with bunches of orchids, you can find these really realistic looking plastic orchids in Bangkok and my mom bought bunches of these home over the years. 

I am not sure what flowers these are but it looks really interesting. Made a low arrangement for the coffee table so we can still watch TV.

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