Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gucci Luggage

Gucci's Viaggio line, closely resembles LV's  in terms of shapes and sizes of luggage offered. But then again, luggages don't really differ greatly from brand to brand. More importantly, it has to be functional and come in a design you like. Gucci's line of hard side luggage is actually a resin material lined in leather with rubber logos, making it easy to clean while protecting the items inside, S$3,835.

There are quite a few duffle bags to choose from and the above is a limited edition designed for 500 by Gucci. Made from waterproof fabric with leather trimmings, S$2,315. 

Nylon totes and backpacks from Gucci are soft and squishable, making it comfortable travel-worthy companions. I love nylon bags coz you can hug them on the go like pillows/soft toys. You can also throw them in the washer and dryer. S$514 for the one above and it comes in a soft leather version for S$1,027. 

A popular bag that I have gifted others before is this belt bag. It carries your personal items while keeping your hands free, a boon for busy moms, sale shopping and travel, S$690.

Gucci's Viaggio line carries cosmetics cases, luggage tags and passport holders. I never understood passport holders as we have to remove it at customs. But if you travel by private plane than this pink one is just too cute, S$403.

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