Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cleaning Products

It's the new year and if you haven't cleaned your home yet, then now is the time to start. Better late than never, right!

You can buy cleaning supplies at a store or online from grocery stores or specialty cleaners. To help you get started, I have made a list of local online stockists that will deliver the supplies to you directly.

Method -   The celebrity brand that carries all types of cleaning supplies and I mean all types. It stocks the usual floor cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners and window cleaners to specialty leather cleaners, even carries adult & baby handwash, soaps and shampoos.

3M - Sells floor and food-safe stainless steel cleaners, scotchguard protectors and all types of cleaning tools.

Super Nature - Organic cleaning supplies, for people who appreciate the difference.

Green Cleaners - 6 types of organic cleaning concentrates that you can dilute at home. Multi-Purpose, Toilet Bowl, Window & Glass, Bathroom & Shower, Wood Surface, Dishwashing cleansing liquids.

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