Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CNY Day 3

Fukubukuro day! That and visiting more friends and relatives. I went by Isetan after breakfast, only to be told all their fukubukuros have been sold, except these Triumph underwear ones.

So I went back to Takashimaya and am really happy they put all the food fukubukuros together so you just need to stop by 1 place to get everything. Needless to say the Harrods lucky bag is completely sold out. I was lucky they had 3 Fauchon ones still available. The Fauchon bags are actually Chinese New Year hampers that were not sold/cancelled at the last minute so they made it into lucky bags.

 Original price tag still on, S$168 that I only paid S$68 for, hehe...

Marmalade, I like french jams so this is a must have!

Peppermint herbal tea for colds. Not really a fan but I guess I will appreciate it once I catch a cold.

Mini cheddar crepes, soo frenchy.

Raspberry meringue biscuits, I love raspberries so this should be good.

Classic almond cake, love! I love cake and almond cake is such a timeless tea-time confection.

Colombian ground coffee, beans for a robust brew. I use the Nespresso machine at home so I don't know if I will get to use this. Gonna keep it as a backup when I run out of capsules.

1 bottle of peach fizzy and a smaller bottle of red wine. A really useful fukubukuro, I want and will use everything in it. I was also hoping to get the Hello Kitty Prosperity Cat lucky bag but it was sold out by the time I got there, as were the clothing, accessories and makeup lucky bags except Thomas Sabo that had a watch, huh?

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