Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scrapbooking Tools I want!

Scrapbooking brings about many fun crafts to do and tools to buy. After years of arts & crafts I have built a collection of stuff and also a wishlist of more things I want to get.

Something that has been around for a while but I still absolutely love is the Paper Crimper. The straight lines version is a classic and the easiest way to make pinwheels. There are other designs like waves, circles and even hearts. A handheld, manually operated paper crimper can cost S$55 so it shall remain only on my wishlist for now.
 A multi-hole puncher that is is strong enough to punch through plywood and leather. Good for binding that thick scrapbook journal or putting more holes on your belt as your waist expands.

An X-acto Knife in pink. I still use a penknife to do my cutting that is not as sturdy and sharp as one of these. Although I am afraid of cutting myself again.

Large Gift Tag Craft Punch makes gift tags out of anything. Kinda reminds me of that Guitar Pick Punch that makes guitar picks from plastic cards.

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