Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soap Mould

There isn't much here for soap-making hobbyists. Who knew sodium hydroxide is controlled by the NEA and you need a license to purchase some. Store-bought lye is NOT skin-safe, please don't use it! So you really need to locate some melt-n-pour suppliers in town.

I really have this thing against cute chocolate moulds for soap as it makes it too small to clean yourself properly. I was cleaning out my brother's handmade chess box when my dad offered to make me a soap mould. Today, he brought back some wood in the right size to make a 3 loaf mould, 2 normal sized bars and 1 cubed bar. I have some scrapbooking stamps that I can press onto the soap and lovely double-sided bird print wrapping paper from Christmas. So I guess I am all set. Hhmmm...when is the next occasion?

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