Monday, January 10, 2011

Green Tea Salt Scrub

This is a green tea scrub to help promote overall well-being this Chinese New Year.

In theme, I used sea salt as a base with it's healthy invigorating properties and chose macadamia nut oil, a rich nutty emollient.

Glycerin again, it helps attract moisture to the skin.

This is melted cocoa butter. Well known as a moisturizer, it also acts as a natural preservative with it's antioxidants helping to extend shelf-life of products naturally.

This is the mix of essential oils I used to create green tea as I remember it to be...light and refreshing with undernotes of flowers and fruits. Collectively, the essential oils will make you happy, relieve stress and bring all sorts of improvement to your health. Exactly what we all need this festive season.

The mixture turned a slight yellow once everything was mixed in. I added a drop of natural blue food colouring that turned the mixture a pastel sea green. That won't do! So I added a drop of yellow pineapple essence and the mixture turned a bright jade green.

This is the finished product!


  1. Wow, love the jade green colour! This looks very enticing!

  2. Wow, love the jade green colour, looks very enticing!

  3. Love the jade green colour, looks enticing


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