Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bubblegum Soap

I wanted to make this multi-coloured soap for quite some time. But first, I had to look for the perfect white base that I found in Camay fragrance free, dense, soft soaps.

I used generic pre-mixed essential oil called "Meditate" in an amiable scent that everyone will like.

It is time to test my liquid colourants before I progress onto cold processed soaps. The word is that colouring soaps from scratch isn't as easy as adding colourants. To acheive the colour you want, you need to use oxides, clays and naturally coloured powders. Food colouring will just wash out or worse yet, won't be absorbed by the soap base. Fact or Fiction?

The colours are definitely brighter than the usual oxides and clays. Hhmmm...I hope it stays that way. Colourants in small amounts won't stain your skin or tiles. But, am not sure about the quantity I used.

After 24hrs in the chiller, it came out in light pastel shades.

It takes 6 full-sized bars of soap to make 16 guest-sized bars of soap from 50gm to 80gm a piece.

As you can see, the colour is concentrated around in chunks. The conclusion is liquid colourants cannot be used to dye soap. *sign* back to sourcing for suitable colourants. Don't get mad when using this soap, I suspect it will all wash off leaving a tie-dyed puddle on your bathroom floor.

What's left is a colourfully cheery bar of soap to start and end your days with in a fruity floral scent. Hard not to like.

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