Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Packing Soap for CNY

My first batch of soaps turned out beautifully even though there are some blue stains (from the tray) on the bottom that resemble mould, it's not! I am going to package it to giveaway on Chinese New Year.

Each soap is shrink wrapped in plastic first as the essential oils will leak through paper. Thereafter, I put them in kimono print paper and try to wrap them origami style. After the first few, I gave up and started wrapping them as normal packages.

On to tie an obi for each to hide unsightly seams and also to identify what type of soap is within.

I am not quite done yet.

I have to seal it with my wax stamp. I tried the usual red sealing wax but it wasn't as pretty as the aqua blue wax from my candle.

And it's done!

I hope everyone loves it too!

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