Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Society Bistro

Dinner at Mandarin Gallery's The Society Bistro. It was the crepes that made me wanna try the food. The first time I ate at Society Bistro One Fullerton, everything on the menu was deep fried. What a change since then. The chicken emmenthal crepes had asparagus in a cream sauce almost similar to hollandaise and wrapped in soft fluffy crepes, it was heartwarmingly familiar in a good way.

Lemon Tart for dessert that contained lemon curd and lemon gelee, it was sweet and tart at the same time. It was a nice surprise for me as I was expecting sharper lemony sourness.


I was planning on having just 1 lavender macaroon. But, the waitress brought 2! 1 on the house...yay!

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