Monday, October 4, 2010

Hairy Crab Beehoon Soup

A lunchtime secret : Don's Pie Shop just downstairs from my office, seasonally offers Hairy Crab Beehoon Soup plain or black pepper. Depending on the chef, sometimes there is cold crab on the menu. The chef trims away the hair before stewing the entire crab in beehoon soup with ginger, so the layman can't tell. The crabs used are chokeful of roe and twice the usual size you get in Chinese restaurants. Ginger is usually served with the hairy crab to balance the yin and the yang. For $20 you can get a one dish meal that captures the tastes of the season =) I feel full just from the full-bodied soup. Soo yummy, I don't mind another bowl soon.

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