Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lollipop Tree

I made a lollipop centrepiece for my dad's birthday this Sunday. Thanks to that crazy sweet shop called "Candy Empire" I got all my stuff in one place. So if you've got $50 to spare, here's what you need to make your own Lollipop Centrepiece.

1) Colourful buckets
2) 1 Giant Lolly (mine is 500g. But, I have seen bigger ones before ~ 1kg!)
3) lollies in all shapes and sizes you can find (I have 5 kinds)
4) 1 foot long gummy worm
5) 1 thumb high gummy burger
6) Packets of miniature candies (I used Mars, M&Ms, Toblerone, Kit-Kat)
7) Ribbons

Arrange the biggest lolly in the center of the bucket. Fill it with all the miniature candy to hold it in place. Then tie the smaller lollies onto the big lolly, stuffing the extra into the miniature candy fill. Cover pole with ribbon, tying bows intermittently.

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