Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vanilla Cherry Cupcakes

It started with a surprise find of affordable natural vanilla beans at the cake supplier store. This gourmand produce usually goes for $5-$15 a pod at specialist supermarkets. Hence, we are inclined to use vanilla essence instead of the real thing. As Jamie Oliver says, the real thing is soo much better.

Inspired by the famous Magnolia Bakery's signature vanilla cupcakes, I decided to bake a batch of vanilla cinnamon cupcakes with dark cherries. As my oven won't allow a 12 holder tray in, I had to use individual metal cupcake holders instead. A recipe for 12 was spread out to make a baker's dozen for good luck =)

I didn't have enough vanilla leftover for the frosting, so I substituted with a few scoops of the cherry syrup and added more icing sugar to make up for the increase in liquids. The final icing turned out a sweet baby pink and I couldn't have asked for better.

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