Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Harbourfront Day 11

Still on my under $20 lunch spree at Vivocity. I had lunch today at The Cellar Door, a laid back Aussie wine shop that doubles as a well stocked deli. You can grab a 4 course lunch for $20 that will be money well spent.

Baguette with freshly made dips that range from Mediterranean olive to Euro-Country chicken liver while you wait for your sandwich to be prepared. The unusual sandwich pairings piqued my interest. I ordered a rubbed roast with onion marmalade that came rare! Too late to back out, I sank my teeth into the chewy sandwich that rewarded with clean tastes of good quality meat that has been well prepared and sweetness of freshly made onion jam. It took me all of 5 mins to devour the entire sandwich. 

As if the starter and sandwich weren't enough to fill me up, the set comes with your choice of coffee and 2 delicious scoops of ice-cream. My favourite is the Fig & Honey with fresh figs in it and the essence of pure Manuka honey! Absolutely unbelievable.

* The ice cream isn't handmade even though it tastes like it. It's Kapiti New Zealand Ice Cream that has won several ice-cream awards already. Co-incidentally, Fig & Honey won the 2008 gold medal in the premium ice cream category. Sold at Jones the Grocer and now at The Cellar Door. The nice people at The Cellar Door will sell you their commercial 5 litre tubs on request for about $60.

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