Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning continues...

Mission is to cut down my stationary supplies by half.

Challenging when you have 2 trolleys (filing cabinets) worth of stuff inherited from my siblings who have since moved out into their own homes. It's enough to stock a small stationery shop of my own. I start by removing the broken, melted and indisinguishable items then move on to seeing what I can give away. At the end of the day, mission accomplished as I get rid of 1 trolley. I can't believe I have 6 staplers (working condition) and 12 roles of tape!!

Next is to sort through my shoes. Uh huh...

After chucking the broken & melted (again). I have salvaged a dozen pairs to be sold on eBAY (pic above). Hurry on down if you want a bargain from $10 - $80. I plan to donate it all to the Salvation Army after Chinese New Year.

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