Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Jewelry...

I realize Americans spell "Jewelry" and the English spell "Jewellery". Is that why search engines are not picking up my web shop? hhmmm... My friends pointed out that I should have "s" at the end as people usually search for "baubles" and not "bauble". To mitigate such chancy findings, I have decided to pay Yahoo and Google to have my site appear under key words search. My total budget for this "hobby" is taking a new dimension as ads alone will cost the equivalent of my 1 year gym membership to Fitness First.

It would really help if you could just pass the message along to the next person so I get free word-of-mouth advertising. Another thing is the website is in Flash, so it takes a while to load when someone (yes, that's 1 person) is already at the website. How crummy.

Anyway, I have been busy popping out more designs after making 2 sales this week (Yay!). Lovely new stuff for Vday that falls on Lunar New Year this year. Sign up as a fan on the Precious Bauble Facebook account to receive regular updates of new designs =)

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