Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tajimaya Yakiniku

There's a new yakiniku restaurant at Vivocity that serves wagyu and US premium cut beef. For those of us hankering for the communal BBQ with our classmates, this is definitely a step-up from Seoul Garden. Primarily a beef based eatery, the only sashimi you will find on the menu is beef and liver.

I started with Yukke, chopped up beef sashimi topped with a raw egg and spring onions. The beef had a fresh clean taste with a little bite, definitely recommended. Next was the main course Seafood Moriawase set. Fresh giant scallops, prawns and squid in spicy seasoning. The set came with a salad in vinegar and sesame dressing, miso soup, potato croquette and garlic rice. The waiter told me the garlic rice was fried first with miso then sprinkled with chopped pan fried garlic, so the taste wouldn't overwhelm the dishes. I have to say, the waiters here are commendable. Not only with prompt service, they even helped me to grill the raw seafood.

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