Monday, June 16, 2008

Loewe “Amazona” Bag

My trusty briefcase for work. It fulfils the basic requirement of a simple, functional, black bag. I was not into experimentation early on in my career so all my initial bags are black in colour.

Loewe bags are a favourite in my family because of its reliability and beauty. It is perfect for work trips as it has a zip top with a lock. My cousin has hers for almost a decade and it still looks as good as new. I own a large size version in black suede which requires absolutely no maintenance. I can even walk in the rain with it and the water brushes right off the bag. The finest grade leather is chosen and undergoes at least 6 intensive treatments to obtain its long-lasting sheen and durability. Hence, it needs no leather protectant.

So impressed with the first Loewe bag I own, I got a second casual bag in dark denim for weekends. I use it whenever I travel and its even washable.

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