Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jumbo Seafood Gallery

My family decided to celebrate Father's Day early with a dinner at Jumbo Seafood Gallery. We drank the usual champagne (to toast), Chinese tea to balance the rich food and lemon juice with aloe vera chunks to offset the spiciness from the Chili Crabs. My family members aren't big eaters. However, we tend to overdo the family dinners quite a bit. We had the usual Chili and Pepper Crabs, fried mantou, Claypot Tofu, Chili KangKong, Salted fish fried rice and mee goreng. The new dishes we tried were Prawns with Century Egg and Bacon wrapped Crab Cakes (which came pre-tossed in salad cream). Finishing with Honeydew sago for dessert. So Full!! I think my taste buds just lost all feeling.

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  1. I miss Jumbo Seafood! All your posts about food is making me hungry... ;)


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