Friday, March 2, 2018

New Year Lucky Bags

Received amazing hampers from Malaysia, it's filled with all the stuff I want! I actually wanted to make a trip to Johor to get CNY hampers, its sold in all the shopping centers and usually filled with good stuff at good prices.

One more 年货 shopping trip. Now that we have a new deep chest freezer we can all buy what we want to eat. This place has the smaller trolley cart, I got more frozen scallops, prawn spears, pre-cooked & peeled quails eggs, truffle chips, bottled teas, magiclean refills, wet wipes, nanox concentrated laundry detergent and 2 new nonstick pans.

Just before CNY, I won this stack of Hi-Chew candy in Japan's seasonal fruit flavors like yubari melon, amaou strawberry etc. Perfect for impressing my guests coz otherwise you would have to make a trip to all the different regions in Japan to collect the different candies.

This is the first time BHG is putting out Lucky Bags over the new year. It's across all stores and departments. I went to Bishan and Jurong, the lucky bags are packed with the same things but the in-store sales are something else.

From the in-store sales I got Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume $20, Revlon shampoos and conditioners $23 for the set, Kappa crystallized T-shirts 2 for $28.

$28 Children's Lucky Bag, making each item only $7. Its all My Little Pony stuff, I would have bought this for myself if not for the kids bag, coz the water bottle has a tea diffuser core.

$68 Health Foods Lucky Bag, making each item only $17. I saw the tri-coloured quinoa and grabbed this coz 500gm of perfectly round & unbroken quinoa is usually $40+, same with raw honey its usually around $40+. Quinoa is the new superfood if nobody knew that, containing 5x nutrients compared to other grain products and is wheat free being related to spinach and all. Chia seed oil is a non-animal derived source of omega 3 fatty acids. And coconut syrup from Bali, sounds really tropical.

Won this angpow organizer and pack of angpows from Kelloggs Corn Flakes. Wanted the yusheng plate with chopsticks but didn't manage to win it.

Isetan announces its one day only Lucky Bag Sales via Facebook and its usually last minute. I made one rush trip just to pick up these 2 bags. Check out the Q! Cash payment only before you collect the lucky bags and the limit is 1 per customer.

$68 Food Lucky Bag, already I see the $60 Gong Xi Fa Cai apple juice bottles. I didn't receive the bonus can of abalone but I did get $10 Isetan vouchers. These 3 small beverage containers actually contain food, I've never seen it before. Sunflower oil, fruit & vegetable juice and udon noodle soup base, making it really convenient to prepare meals without a full kitchen.

$88 Home Goods Lucky Bag, where everything comes in box and each item works out to be $15 a piece. Tiger Thermos Flask 1L, 20cm Happy Call Black Diamond skillet, Hario microwaveable glass prep containers, memory foam pillow, Phillips blender, WMF saucepan with lid.

Takashimaya tripled the number of lucky bags it put out this year. There's even thousand dollar ones from MCM and the various mattress companies. I was cash strapped coz I really wanted almost all. In the end I got the Hello Kitty lucky bag as a gift, the sales staff will giftwrap the contents for you upon request.

The Harrods Lucky Bag $68 that contained Harrods Grand Cru Champagne, only one item in the bag. This is never on sale and at this price makes it a good value purchase.

Tangs Lucky Bags that I didn't get any of. They display the items inside the bags so you know exactly what you are getting for the price. Absolutely love the blue & white tea set for 2, wonder who is going to buy it though.

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