Friday, February 23, 2018

It's still New Year...

The pasar malam these days are quite different, I got a steamed mantou shaped like Eeyore.

And I just realized the first $500 I withdrew for CNY went quickly through my fingers.

$100 for clothes which is really not a lot coz the only size I can wear are those sold in the neighborhood stores. I got 4 T-shirt dresses, 2 sets of joggers with T-shirts and 3 singlets.

$250 for groceries, yup that one cart cost $250. It's mainly drinks and disposable paper products. Although I did get cleaning supplies like dish-washing liquids, floor cleaners and laundry detergents. 

$100 on Qoo10 for two Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecakes and CNY decor items. The Strawberry Cheesecakes are discounted at Qoo10, at the web-shop itself Mango Vodka Cheesecakes are discounted.

 The remaining $50 went towards meals and we ate really cheaply at coffee-shops.

As we were putting up CNY decor, I noticed the new greetings printed, 非衣足餐 a play on the more common phrase 足衣足食. What it means is instead of enough clothes and food, its a lot of clothes and enough meals.

Bread Society had some festive baked goods, I say go for the fruit custards and get a multigrain bun for your lunches the next day, its the perfect size to feed a family of four when cut into quarters.

Poke bowls that are really Chirashi bowls. $20 sounds like a lot, but you pay the same for it in a Japanese restaurant.

Instead of all sushi and sashimi, we went with the seasonal menu @ fast food places, like this honey sesame KFC.

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