Friday, February 2, 2018

Staycation @ Orchard Road

Escaping the renovations at home by staying in a hotel for a couple of days. I stuck around the last few works that got done but this time I really had to move somewhere else as its the bedroom floors that need to be redone. It's quite dreadful coz the floors are already caving in at certain spots, its also scratched & scuffed with gaps in between.

I used my Chan Brothers Travel Vouchers for this and booked a club room with access to club lounge for the conveniences. You get magazines, WIFI, snacks and drinks for free. Every hotel's club lounge details are different so you should check with the hotel you are staying in beforehand.

I really like this automated coffee machine in the club lounge that can do cold or hot milk foam. In the evenings there are alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

I was at CK Tang doing some window shopping, there are loads of ideas for CNY, like Ettetea Fortune Cookie Chai or Clipper Tea Co. House of Good Fortune Teas. Estee Lauder, Lancome and SKII had CNY 2018 limited edition skincare.

Peranakan rendang at the food court and lychee soft serve from McDonald's.

After 6:30 pm most of the items in the hotel bakery go on sale...

This sandwich and salad combination cost me $9. I also got the 2 desserts for $10.

I caught a couple of movies in my room, Transformers 3, GI Joe, Kungfu Panda 3.

I also checked out Scotts Square where I got this pastel blue spatula @ $9.90 and Christmas sticker labels @ $2.

Marks & Spencer's flagship store that had sales but no CNY specific items. I bought this tie coz there was a great discount on it for $15, not sure who I'm going to give it to yet.

Stopped by Isetan and got this cute panda cake from the Jap Bakery $2.20. It's really good, I was surprised by how nice this cake tasted.

The club lounge actually serves really substantial meals, not just tiny bites and fruit. I love the pastries that are soo buttery and flaky. I don't know how many of those things I ate.

Asian Breakfast and Western style Breakfast.

My limit is 2 cocktail drinks a day, with blackout curtains in the room I can sleep right through the night into midday.

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