Friday, March 23, 2018

Rasapura Masters

Received a gift from MBS in the latest marble laminated gift box, its a set of grey coloured bath towels. Also picked up the latest copy of their quarterly magazine. I had to collect it all from customer service near the food court, Rasapura Masters.

My lunch at the food court came up to $30.80 that is the same as eating at a cafe @ MBS, so its not exactly cheaper. I also had a chance to try the $8 耗煎 and the $19 耗煎 from different stalls at Rasapura Masters.

The $8 oyster omelette from Thye Hong Singapore Heritage Food comes scrambled and the $19 version from Boon Tat St BBQ Seafood is also scrambled but comes in a nice round pancake. Both portions are the same size. The oysters are bigger in the $19 version. Accompanying chili sauce is slightly tangier and more flavorful for the $19 version. That's about it!

More supermarket prizes, I like to think of these as gifts rather than prizes. This time from Letrain Redemption Center at Havelock II. I won a Lego Technics set from Energizer Batteries, one of the consolation prizes. I think the first prize is a trip to Legoland Malaysia.

This 2-in-1 set is either an Airport Rescue Vehicle or a Fire Rescue Vehicle. Up-gradable with the Lego Power Functions set, around $100, for flashing lights and motorized crane. It also comes with the commemorative anniversary brick.

Grabbing a Chilis burger for lunch.

Having my fave Korean bulgogi chicken hotplate with rice for lunch, I can eat this everyday. Met my friend who passed me this Taiwan fruit tea pack, its a larger bag in a different flavor from the parcel I received from Taiwan. This Ladies Tea must be very popular right now.

Collected another $80 hamper from LION corp. I enter these contests for the top prizes but keep getting the consolation prizes instead. The new products in the gift bag are concentrated laundry Nanox & dishwashing Magica detergent.

Had classic mee-pok and iced tea for lunch at a nearby coffee shop. This Lion Corp building was located in the middle of an industrial park, that is soo far away from everything else even the bus stop.

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