Friday, March 16, 2018

My Faves from Cold Storage

Top 10 favorites from Cold Storage. If you haven't tried any of these, you should do so at least once or you're really missing out on something.

Kraft's Velveeta Cheese, sometimes it comes in jalepeno/mexican/quesoblanco/2% milk. It's similar to cheddar but soo much more delicious! I put it on everything and it even melts into stir-frys & soups wonderfully. $12.90 to $15.90 for 453gm block.

Annie's Peace Pasta & Parmesan. I actually bought this because of the cute tiny little peace signs made of pasta. It turned out incredible, definitely restaurant quality. $5.50 for a 1 person portion 170gm, 1 box is 1 portion. 
Arizona Iced Teas @ $2.60 for a hefty 500ml bottle. It's brewed tea cocktails, non-alcoholic. So much easier than brewing it yourself.

The new Nestle Fitness Granola in Honey and Cranberry & Pumpkin Seeds. It's healthy 100% wholegrain oats mixed with more health foods and yummy enough to be eaten on its own or with yogurt. My fave breakfast this last year. $6.25 for 300gm, look for the re-sealable 300gm packets instead of the cereal boxes as its different even though it says Nestle Fitness.

Post's Waffle Crisp Cereal $6.25 for 326 gm. This stuff actually tastes like a good pancake breakfast filled with fresh toastiness and syrup. The best part is its available all day with no cooking required.

Glad tall kitchen garbage bags 20 piece $12.95. The first time I found out Cold Storage sold disposable bin liners I was soo happy, it makes everything so quick and clean. The cheaper ones are $5 for 100 pieces. But these Glad tall ones for the kitchen are great coz odor resistant means those stale food smells are never a problem.
Nivea Men Mud Foam $12.90 for 120ml. It's perfumed and leaves the skin clean and refreshed. I love it soo much I bought this for everyone, boys and girls, the same thing for Christmas last year. I also love using Nivea 2-in-1 makeup clear, a facial wash and makeup remover in one.


John West dressed crab in a tin or smoked oysters in a tin, $5 each. I cannot believe the seafood quality and value for money these tins offer. The dressed crab is actually crab puree and roe that would enhance any salad or soup, it can even be used as a spread on sandwich. The oysters have an intense smokiness and you get 14 to 19 pieces in 1 tin.

Lune de Miel squeezable honey $7.95 for 250gm. I love the honeycomb packaging, the functional squeeziness and the practical small sizes. It comes in mountain, woodlands, acacia and orange blossom. Occasionally, you can find it in a honey bear bottle instead, still squeezable.

Magic Clean dry/wet disposable sheets. Dirt just clings onto these sheets and you can throw it away once you are done sweeping/mopping the floor. The wiper is $23.95 and the disposable sheets cost $0.50 to $0.80 per sheet. It adds up in the long run but for travelling and family holidays you really cannot beat the convenience and compactness of this cleaning system.

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