Friday, March 9, 2018

Novena Church

Old Chang Kee x Curry Times @ Novena MRT. I love the breakfast meals from Old Chang Kee and this newly expanded outlet has all the varieties of nasi lemak, dried mee siam/laksa, curry rice/noodles etc. Including local coffee/tea and sitting tables!

Tour of the newly remodeled Novena Church that is massive, easily 5X the original size if you include the underground car park.

The stained glass windows alone are gorgeous and incredibly life-like. My aunt took all these pictures, my phone camera was giving me problems when we were inside the church.

 Several prayer alters setup around the temple, including the garden outside. To accommodate the large congregation I suppose, this place is always packed with people on religious dates.

Heading back we ate at Ichiban Sushi. Amazing takopaki hot plate as good as the street stalls.

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