Friday, March 30, 2018

Abalone Noodles

I've heard of soo many variations of abalone noodles and I've even tried the instant noodle version. This is my recipe, a really quick and simple way to make a delicious meal of an expensive ingredient.

We start with boiling the noodles in water. It's possible to skip this step with freshly made noodles, people without kitchens can just open cans and packages to put this dish together.

Canned abalones are the way to go, if you can find smaller sized abalones that's even better as you don't even need to slice it. Empty one can of abalone, brine and all into a bowl and add the cooked noodles.

Grate garlic and ginger into the pot, that's all there is to it. I used a whole teaspoon worth and the broth becomes more of a dipping sauce than soup. Garlic and Ginger actually kills the seafood-y smell.

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