Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter Weekend

My family got together for a good dim sum brunch after how long....everyone was away for vacations, work, hobby events that when we finally got together for Sunday Brunch it was such a treat. 

Dyed my hair with the new Liese Blaune One Touch Colour. Basically the applicator pumps out both creams at once onto the applicator brush and you brush your hair with it. A lot easier than mixing it yourself etc. It covers grey hair and the resulting colour is pretty close to the picture on the box. It contains royal jelly and chamomile extract so it smells pretty good. Only complaint is no conditioner, I had to use my own.

Filling my tummy with food from Pizza Hut. The garlic bread here is still the best! Does it have to do with the outlet or the chef? I don't think so.

Caesar Salad with chicken, it'ss kinda eggy, I don't know. Croutons are the best bits in this salad.

Paper Wrapped Seafood Pasta that I have always wanted to try but is not available all the time. It's kinda salty sea-shorish tomato base and perfectly al dente spaghetti.

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